Theo chairs are installed at Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral nave 2023 featuring new seating and stain glass window


Winchester Cathedral: Theo

Winchester Cathedral, one of England’s most iconic religious sites, needed comfortable and functional seating to accommodate its growing congregation.
Our Theo chairs were the perfect solution with their unique design and high-quality materials.

A view of the Cathedral with their old chairs

A view of the Cathedral with their old chairs

“Although the old chairs served the cathedral well over time, they were not exactly the most comfortable and because of their weight had to become a semi-permanent affair.

The new chairs not only look good and feel comfortable but above all, perhaps, they can be easily moved out of the nave by our virgers when required, even at short notice.  This has already meant the glory of an unfurnished nave has been enjoyed many times over since their installation.”  

– Bruce Parker, Chairman, Winchester Cathedral Friends 


Over 1000 chairs were ordered, and each chair was etched with a number to assist with organization and events. This added feature has made it easier for the cathedral to keep track of the chairs and streamline the setup process for various configurations.

The Theo chairs have been a hit at Winchester Cathedral, receiving numerous compliments from both visitors and staff. Their stackable design makes them easy to store and move around as needed, while their unique design fits perfectly into any church or religious setting, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a welcoming environment for the congregation.


We are delighted with the new Theo chairs, which have provoked much positive comment about their comfort and design. They make our virgers’ work less onerous, equipping us to be far nimbler in our varied daily operations.
– The Reverend Canon Dr Roland Riem, Vice-Dean


The triple trolley allows up to 90 chairs to be stacked and stored neatly


We invite you to experience the Theo chairs for yourself, request a free chair trial and find out whether Theo is right for you.

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