Accessible Seating Considerations in Church

The Importance of Accessible Seating in Churches

Inclusivity in church seating is paramount to ensuring that all members of the congregation, including those with disabilities, can participate fully in worship and community activities.

Here are a few factors that should be taken into account:

Long-term Comfort:

Providing chairs with extra cushioning and lumbar support can benefit those with chronic pain or conditions that affect their comfort while sitting for extended periods.

Additional Support:

The Church of England suggests that 10% of chairs have arms, to improve comfort and support whilst limiting fatigue.
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Ease of Movement

When considering accessibility, it is important to consider how easy your seating will be to move in terms of weight. Choosing lightweight chairs makes altering church configurations easy for less able vergers and volunteers, whilst also meaning that chairs can easily be moved to make space for wheelchairs where needed.

Top Tip – We suggest choosing chairs weighing between 4-7kg


It’s also a good idea to consider storage; many stackable church chairs are available with custom trollies, making it easy to stack and store neatly when not in use.

With so much to consider, when sourcing new church chairs it’s a great idea to request a chair trial so your key stakeholders can get involved with the process and assess the suitability prior to ordering.

We invite you to experience our chairs for yourself, request a free chair trial and find out whether they’re the right fit for your church.

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