Norwich Cathedral

"The Dean and Chapter spent quite some time considering new chairs for Norwich Cathedral. We needed to replace the existing chairs, which were reaching the end of their useful life. The old chairs were heavy and cumbersome to move. As part of our desire to host more services and events in the Cathedral, we increasingly required the Nave to be cleared of chairs to provide a more flexible space.

Our desire was to find a comfortable and practical chair in terms of ease of moving them. Coupled with this were the important issue of aesthetics and the visual impression of eight hundred chairs filling the Cathedral Nave. We worked closely with members of our Fabric Advisory Committee over a two year period, looking at various options. We were very impressed with the Theo Chair. Mike Seward at Trinity Church Furniture was particularly helpful in providing different options and loaning us chairs for a trial period.

Due to three generous donations from local trusts, we have now been able to bring this project to fruition and are absolutely delighted with the results which have been achieved. The chairs look stunning in the Cathedral and have been well received."

Neil Parsons – Chapter Steward