St Mary's - Stockport

Theo Chairs, Pews and Tables

"The decision to put the Theo chair into St. Mary's has proved to be a life changing one as far as use and management of the church is concerned.The choice of the Theo chair was made primarily for its weight. Not only are the individual chairs incredibly lightweight, but also the benches, which are often commented upon for their pleasing appearance and comfort, are remarkably light for their size.The Theo chair has been skilfully  designed for easy stacking, an added advantage when there is need for regular rearrangement of the seating plan. Not only are the trolleys on which the chairs are stored, strong and stable, but they are also easily manoeuvrable, even into confined spaces, such as storage cupboards, in which we keep at least half of our chairs, stacked away, and  out of sight. The sympathetic appearance of  the Theo chairs has often been commented on as enhancing the look of the church, countering the controversial change over from pews. 

The superlative design of the tables, together with the Theo chairs gives an immediate look of quality, style and durability to the "new" Nave Cafe area. Our many visitors have found this arrangement both attractive and comfortable to use.The introduction of the Theo chair has revolutionised the use of the church as a public space, and as a place of worship. The ease with which the Theo chair can be carried individually, and also moved around when locked into rows, has already proved to be a liberating aspect to the church's way of working. 

The flexibility which the Theo chair has brought us is a constant source of satisfaction to those who are seeking to make the church a more community minded meeting place.The first year of the Theo chair being in situ in St. Mary's has been one of constant approval and commendation of what we have done, and of what has been achieved . The choice of the Theo chair was undoubtedly a good one, and for us the right one; a life changing choice. The Theo chair will now continue to enhance our church's life for the foreseeable future."

Roger Scoones - Vicar